DATE: 2024/03/29

SEER Robotics Adapts To The VDA5050 Protocol And Supports Multi-brand And Multi-model Mixed Scheduling

With the rapid development of the mobile robot industry, the application of different brands and different types of mobile robots in the factory is becoming more and more common, but the scheduling system between the brands is not unified, and the interface specifications are different, resulting in the unified control of the mobile robot scheduling, and the factory faces a series of challenges such as multiple debugging of the mobile robot, path setting, and safe operation. Multi-brand mobile robot mixed scheduling needs to be solved, and VDA5050 protocol came into being.

👏What is the VDA5050 Protocol?

The VDA5050 protocol is a standard interface for mobile robot (AGV/AMR) communication developed by the German Automotive Industry Association (VDA) and the Material Handling and Internal Logistics Association (VDMA). The communication interaction process is realized through the MQTT standard message protocol.

The VDA5050 protocol is designed to standardize the communication standards between mobile robots and the scheduling system (master control), so that different brands and different types of mobile robots can be seamlessly integrated in the same scheduling system, achieve mixed scheduling and collaborative work, and accelerate the development of the mobile robot industry to standardization and efficiency.

It is reported that the VDA5050 protocol was released as early as 2021, and the 2.0 specification was introduced the following year, which has become a widely adopted communication standard interface in the European mobile robot industry, and supporting the VDA5050 protocol has undoubtedly become an important competitive advantage and admission ticket to enter the European market.

👏SEER Robotics Series SRC Controller Adapts to VDA5050

After multiple technology development and testing, SEER Robotics SRC series core controllers have been fully adapted to the VDA5050 protocol to ensure perfect compatibility between the custom protocol and the VDA5050 protocol, which can support scheduling based on the VDA5050 protocol. It also supports other brands to customize the scheduling of the original protocol.

Based on this, the mobile robot equipped with SRC controller can seamlessly access the same scheduling system with other brand models, and achieve unified management and mixed scheduling under the support of VDA5050 protocol.

The VDA5050 protocol provides the basis for unified scheduling, but given the uniqueness of each brand of mobile robot, simply following the specifications of the VDA5050 protocol is not enough to fully exploit its maximum advantages. Based on the SRC controller, SEER Robotics can provide partners with customized protocol requirements and extended protocols to help them fully leverage the uniqueness and flexibility of their products, which has been successfully applied in several partner customers.

👏Hand In Hand With The AMR Manufacturer, SRC Controllers Help The Mixed Field Scheduling

SRC controller is a universal controller designed for mobile robots, in addition to the control of automatic charging piles, automatic doors, elevators, traffic lights and other factory automation equipment, all smart equipment equipped with SRC controller, can be concentrated in a unified scheduling interface framework, to achieve unified intelligent management and automation expansion of the whole plant.

By the end of 2023, driven by SEER Robotics' "One brain ( SRC + Software ), one chain ( Mobile Robot Ecosystem )" product strategy, SRC controller has helped more than 800 AMR manufacturers to independently build their own brand mobile robots, and the mobile robot model library based on SRC controller has more than 100 models. It covers a variety of brands, types, navigation methods, sports modes, etc.