DATE: 2024/06/06

"Product Introduction | Flagship General Platform AMB-CSW04-KJ, the Preferred Choice for Flexible Expansion"

Recently, SEER Robotics has joined forces with its ecosystem partners to launch a brand new mobile robot chassis, the AMB-CSW04-KJ, based on the SRC controller. This new platform offers an efficient and convenient general-purpose vehicle manufacturing platform for car manufacturers with manufacturing and design capabilities.

The AMB-CSW04-KJ is equipped with SEER Robotics' entry-level controller, the SRC-880, and continues the family design language of SEER Robotics. It has outstanding performance in terms of appearance size, product performance, and applicability, capable of adapting to more non-standard upper equipment needs of robots. It can be flexibly combined and applied to different industries and scenarios, with unlimited potential, further simplifying the car manufacturing process, shortening the car manufacturing cycle, and making it more worry-free for car manufacturing customers.

As a cost-effective general-purpose vehicle manufacturing platform in the ten-thousand-yuan class, the AMB-CSW04-KJ is an excellent partner for customers to manufacture various types of mobile robots.

Industry-leading, ±2mm positioning accuracy

The AMB-CSW04-KJ supports laser SLAM, QR code, and reflective board hybrid navigation, which can be matched with the corresponding navigation scheme according to the scene requirements, meeting the needs of different application scenarios, such as warehouse handling, warehouse area transfer, line-side delivery, and in and out of the warehouse, etc.

Based on SEER Robotics' world-leading laser SLAM navigation technology, the AMB-CSW04-KJ can achieve an industry-leading repeat positioning accuracy of ±2mm, with excellent consistency, far exceeding similar products in the industry, meeting high-precision positioning needs.

Smaller size, stronger load

The AMB-CSW04-KJ has a rated load of 400kg, with a vehicle size of 810545228mm, easily handling narrow passages. With the same compact vehicle size, the load capacity has been increased by more than 1.6 times, which can meet the needs of more types of upper equipment applications and be more widely used in non-standard handling scenarios.

360° Protection, Safety Assured

The AMB-CSW04-KJ achieves 360° protection for the entire vehicle, with dual front and rear laser configurations as standard, the front navigation laser has a maximum detection range of 40m, and the rear obstacle avoidance laser has a maximum detection range of 25m; equipped with contact collision strips at the front and rear, which stop immediately upon contact; the front of the vehicle supports optional 3D obstacle avoidance camera components, which can detect potholes and obstacles, providing comprehensive safety protection through multiple measures.

The AMB-CSW04-KJ supports 360° safety protection

One chassis for multiple applications, unlocking more non-standard scenarios

The installation surface of the AMB-CSW04-KJ is only 185mm from the ground, and the superior vehicle design meets the needs of more non-standard upper equipment such as lifting, rollers, mechanical arms, hidden traction, and gimbals. It is the preferred product for flexible expansion, with more flexibility and ease of use in practical applications.

The AMB-CSW04-KJ supports rapid adaptation to self-developed upper equipment components of SEER Robotics.