DATE: 2021/12/16

SEER Intelligent Builds Non-standard Solutions with Standardized Products, Promotes the Rapid Implementation of Projects, and Realizes the Advancement of Intelligent Manufacturing!

Looking at the status quo of factories in China, two major issues are invisibly blocking the smart manufacturing process of enterprises. One is complex industrial use scenarios and many long transformation experiences, which have discouraged many companies from smart manufacturing; the other is most smart logistics enterprises cannot have products/solutions to support the application of complex industrial scenarios.

SEER Intelligent has been dedicated to providing customers with one-stop smart manufacturing and smart logistics solutions. How does SEER Intelligent conduct an in-depth analysis of the various complex scenarios in the factory? And how does it provide a standard solution that can be implemented quickly?

Ⅰ. Analysis of five major industrial scenarios

1. Under complex industrial production lines and scenarios, it is difficult to standardize chassis products

2. Segmentation optimization of production scenarios, resulting in the mixed uses of forklifts, bin trucks, chassis trucks, tractors, and other vehicles

3. The handling process is connected with cleaning vehicles, shuttle vehicles, and stackers, confusing the connection of links

4. The solution is not intuitive, and customers can't see the effect clearly. If the plan is modified while implementing it, it will not be possible to guarantee the cycle of project implementation.

5. The brand trust that is established in the long term and reliance on system operation are difficult to change

Ⅱ. SEER Intelligent: Quickly build non-standard solutions with standardized products

1. SRC series core controller

Reduce the complexity of production lines and mixed uses of models from the root


The huge model library covers various models of first- and second-tier brands at home and abroad; SEER AMR has a full range of mobile robots, covering all links of in-plant logistics.

3. MetaV data visualization system

Digital Twin and bionic function ensure the clear and quick view of deployment effect and that the plan is predicable, solving the problem of implementation and modification at the same time.

4. RoboView visual AI solution

Use vision AI to achieve the overall improvement of the plan, and use smarter vision algorithms to accelerate the rapid implementation of the project.

5. MWMS warehouse logistics management system

A warehousing logistics management system that will make users feel that "the system should be like this"!

Building a non-standard solution with standardized products is the new upgraded corporate strategy of SEER Intelligent in 2021. SEER Intelligent's comprehensive and powerful solutions that can be implemented quickly help companies realize intelligent transformation and upgrading, and achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. If you want to know more about building a non-standard solution with standardized products, you can click on the picture to quickly read it.

At this CMR Industry Alliance Annual Meeting, three internal industry reference materials of the "Compilation of Classic Cases of China's Industrial Application of Mobile Robots and Collection of Technical Development Papers", "Research Report on the Development of China's Box Storage Robot Industry in 2021-2025", and "Blue Book on the Development of Composite Mobile Robot Industry 2021 Edition" were also released.