DATE: 2022/12/08

What Does SEER Do to Make Integrators Easier to Manufacture AMRs?

SEER eliminates all barriers to manufacturing AMRs!

SEER has been striving for this goal and such a vision is becoming a reality.

How does SEER do this step by step? One of the keys is to the SRC series core controllers that are independently developed by SEER. As the most powerful brain of AMRs, how do SRC controllers improve the user experience for automobile manufacturing?

SEER's solutions for integrators to manufacture automobiles are not only an SRC controller but a complete set of technical services covering SEER's huge vehicle model database and advanced technical support.

1. Specialized Training

SEER builds a [SEER Knowledge Base] by virtue of its complete technical systems. This base is all-inclusive and easy for integrators to check their problems and learn how to solve them.

SEER also carries out training activities both online and offline, as well as field practices, including controller-based automobile manufacturing, AMR deployment, and AMR scheduling, among others. All these fully motivate integrators to learn and interact with each other.

The assessment after training grants qualified integrators [certificates before work], demonstrating their ability to provide secure and reliable service support for terminal customers.

2. Nine-Step Automobile Manufacturing

SRC controllers aim to simplify the manufacturing process from the source and improve the customer experience.

Based on its internal efficient integration and the perfect configuration of each functional area, SRC controllers help integrators manufacture AMRs with only nine steps. Standardized manufacturing steps and streamlined manufacturing time help integrators increase their efficiency in the mass manufacturing of automobiles.

3. Various Models

SEER has built a whole-process all-link vehicle model database covering numerous factories in different industries based on the non-standard requirements of customers at the customization stage and its experience in helping integrators make cars independently. This enables integrators to make optimal plans for vehicle model selection and car making and accelerate AMR manufacturing.

4. Quick Deployment

Based on the field deployment requirements of the customers' factories, SEER provides a one-stop implementation tool—Roboshop Pro, for one-stop rapid deployment of multiple AMRs, and unified management and configuration of all intelligent devices with built-in SRC controllers.

Regardless of the number of AMRs and the size of factories, with the support of Roboshop Pro, integrators can complete the field deployment of plant-wide AMRs within one day. The fastest deployment eliminates all unnecessary problems.

5. Unified Scheduling

The unified resource dispatching system (RDS) aims for the efficient and collaborative allocation of AMRs and automatic logistics equipment in the whole factory. It helps terminal factories achieve the optimal unified scheduling of plant-wide resources by making full use of the data including the information about intelligent devices and the environmental status of the factory and integrating smart algorithms of AMRs, intelligent devices, personnel, and the environment.