DATE: 2022/12/28

10 of SEER's greatest memories from 2022

Looking back at 2022 with an environment full of challenges and uncertainties, SEER still achieved a substantial leap forward in its product competitiveness and market development capabilities!

SEER has served more than 1,000 customers worldwide, including over 30 large leading companies and over 400 integrators which have doubled this year.

SEER has rolled out a complete intelligent logistics solution, with the product application almost fully covering the key and basic industries, and penetrating the semiconductor, auto parts, 3C, lithium battery, electric tools, textile, and other industries.

SEER has won more than 100 valuable awards in 2022, covering software and hardware products, high-quality project solutions, and overall company performance.

SEER has attended 7 international large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad to have various products displayed at global exhibitions. The accelerated pace of globalization continues.

Ten amazing moments of the above-mentioned moments of SEER have been selected. Let us look back on these inspiring moments.

1. Gaining B-Round Financing Amounting to Hundreds of Millions of Yuan

SEER secured the B-round financing worth several hundred million yuan in February 2022. It was invested by SAIF Investment Fund, IDG Capital, and Haolan Capital, with Scheme Capital serving as the exclusive financial advisor. The raised funds will be mainly used to increase product R&D with intelligent controllers and digital software at the center, promote the large-scale implementation of more scenarios, and vigorously develops overseas markets at the same time.

2. Strengthening the Strategy with a Partnership Plan for Integrators

SEER continued to deepen its product portfolio strategy for integrators—for smart manufacturing integrators in 2022 by providing a product portfolio centered on intelligent controllers and digital software.

Efforts have been made both at home and abroad. In China, over 50 offline training sessions for integrators have been held. Outside China, the recruitment of foreign integrator partners is also in full swing. Hundreds of integrators from more than 20 countries have become SEER integrator partners this year.

3. SGS Functional Safety Certification success

SRC-3000FS, a safe AMR controller independently developed by SEER, passed the SGS TÜV SAAR functional safety certification in March this year, which is currently the only controller product in the world that successfully passed the certification.

It marks the first breakthrough in global controller technology but also witnesses the birth of the commanding heights of domestic controller technology.

4. Publishing the first AMR Controller Blue Book in the world

The Blue Book on the Development of Special Controller Products for Industrial Application Mobile Robots (AGV/AMR) (2022 Edition) under the title of and co-compiled by SEER was officially released on December 22, 2022. As the world's first blue book on the AMR controller, it provides a reference value for future research and development in the field of mobile robot controllers.

5. Supporting two new operating systems

In response to the policy calling for localized software, Roboshop Pro, a one-stop implementation tool of SEER, announced that it will officially support the two domestic operating systems of Galaxy Kylin and UnionTech UOS from December. Hence, it has been the first mobile robot deployment software that natively supports domestic operating systems and contributes to the ecological application development of the domestic operating system in the field of mobile robots.

6. Participated in international exhibitions and debuted at LogiMAT

SEER made its debut in Europe by participating in the 20th LogiMAT—International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management in May. SEER exhibited a variety of products and solutions tailored for the European market and customers, officially opening the chapter of SEER's entry into the European market.

In 2022, SEER products were exhibited in many countries, such as Germany, Japan, and South Korea. In 2023, SEER will continue to attend large international exhibitions held in the United States, Germany, and other countries.

7. Participated in the production of the Olympic Torch for the Winter Games

AMB-150J, SEER's latent jack-up handling chassis, has been successfully applied to the production workshop of the Olympic torch to meet the complex needs of the torch production. It accurately connects with large-scale production robots and ensures 99.99% timely supply, greatly improving the production efficiency of the torch and ensuring the "last meter" delivery of mass production.

8.Expanded products into the Semiconductor Intelligent Logistics sector

Based on the particularity of the semiconductor industry, together with the real operating scenarios of each semiconductor factory, SEER has rolled out an intelligent logistics solution and launched a composite robot for the semiconductor industry. In pursuit of the optimum results in the market segment, SEER was among the top 30 in the list of service providers in the core process of china semiconductor IC R&D and manufacturing digital intelligence in 2022.

9. Establishment of the SEER Knowledge Base

The SEER Knowledge Base was officially launched in 2022. "SEER School", an open and complete knowledge base system, provides customers with explanations of SEER products, technical guidance, and automotive intelligence encyclopedias. Currently, the total number of users of the knowledge base has exceeded 5,000.

10. Offering online service with a 3D virtual showroom

In November, to cushion the impact of the epidemic, SEER successfully upgraded the "Zero" space exhibition hall by creating a 1:1 virtual space. Integrating the core product portfolio of SEER, the 3D online exhibition hall is built based on the Meta-V data visualization system that creates a truly digital exhibition hall, shortening the distance between global customers and SEER products.