DATE: 02/08/2023

Advantages of SEER’s Products

Forklift, picking, latent and other various autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are shuttling between various types of devices for picking, handling, loading and unloading goods, and connecting all intelligent nodes in the factory.

Every company forges ahead to make industrial AMRs ignite new sparks and bring smarter and ultimate user experience. Customers are also expecting that.

Among many industrial AMR manufacturers, SEER, based on technology and driven by innovation, insists on producing every product well. Why should a factory choose SEER when introducing industrial AMRs? Today, we will introduce SEER from the most basic and direct products.

1. Do AMRs just replace the manual work?

For the site of surface work, AMRs do replace the manual work, which not just reduces the labor intensity of manual work. Moreover, with AMRs introduced, the factory is able to streamline personnel, balance the demand for labor in off-peak seasons, reduce the error rate of work and create greater value in less time.

2. SEER provides many types of AMRs, and takes the controller as the core.

AMRs can really bring about the above improvements by virtue of the powerful functions of built-in controllers. SEER has been delving into controller technology, and has jointly co-edited and published the Blue Book of Product Development of Special Controllers for Industrial Application Mobile Robots (AGVs/AMRs) (2022 edition). The SRC series core controllers developed by SEER ranks at the forefront in the global controller technology field. Therefore, SEER deserves the title of “Super Brain”. Among these controllers, the model SRC-3000FS has passed the SGS TÜV SAAR functional safety certification, making SEER the first in the world.

3. AMRs can be deployed very fast, and are supported by the implementation software.

The deployment of AMRs directly affects their subsequent operation in the factory. Besides, customers are also concerned about how to deploy multiple AMRs in the whole factory quickly and conveniently. With the one-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro, multiple AMRs can be rapidly deployed at the same time and all intelligent devices with built-in SRC controllers can be managed and configured in a unified manner. Thus, the efficiency of deploying and managing AMRs can be improved.

4. AMRs work very efficiently, and the dispatch system is the key  factor.

In addition, another key factor to ensure the orderly and efficient operation of AMRs in the whole factory lies in the AMR’s dispatch system. The unified resource dispatch system (RDS) of SEER arranges optimal routes for AMRs through the original intelligent algorithm, which not only ensures the efficient and correct operation of AMRs, but also ensures the rational planning of operation routes of multiple AMRs, thus realizing smooth traffic.

5. AMRs are presented intuitively, with the visualization system as the carrier.

A large amount of data and information generated when AMRs and various smart devices are used and operated are presented in a visual form through secondary processing and application, and the value generated from this may even far exceed the smart devices themselves. Meta-V, the data visualization system of SEER, creates a one-to-one virtual space by processing data and combining the concept of digital twin, and displays the changes of data information through the three-dimensional space, which makes the display of data information related to AMRs and all intelligent devices in the factory more intuitive, gives full play to the data value, and creates a truly digital intelligent factory.

6. AMRs have become the mainstream product in the factory, and a more integrated warehousing system is the trend.

The past warehousing logistics management system (WMS) paid more attention to the storage of goods. With the maturity and application of AMRs and various automatic warehousing logistics equipment, however, it is an inevitable trend in the future to realize the integrated operation and management of on-site warehousing logistics through “system + equipment”. SEER’s manufacturing warehouse management system (MWMS) integrated with warehousing and logistics realizes the one-stop complete services, which can not only complete the warehouse management, but also complete the automatic logistics handling in the factory.

SEER combines software and hardware and forms the complete product chain with the SRC controller as the core and system software Roboshop Pro, RDS, MWMS and Meta-V to help AMRs serve the factory more efficiently and help the construction of unmanned intelligent factories.

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