DATE: 04/18/2023

SEER's AMR standard products enable 3PL industry to upgrade warehouse automation

The rapid rise of global trade has led to increased demand in the consumer market and soaring order volumes have accelerated the development of the 3PL industry, while at the same time placing greater demands on 3PL companies to control warehousing costs while efficiently meeting customer needs. The key issue of cost reduction and efficiency is in front of all 3PL companies.

Recently, SEER's AMR standard products were successfully applied to Sinotrans Logistics Ningbo Co., Ltd's warehousing center in Meishan Free Trade Port, successfully promoting the automation upgrade of its warehousing logistics and accelerating the "last meter" sorting and transportation of goods.

In the face of increasing orders and growing volume of cargo, Meishan Free Trade Port Warehouse Center has seen an increase in staff workload based on the traditional management model, and is in need of reducing labor costs and improving efficiency and accuracy.

Based on this, Sinotrans Logistics Ningbo Co., Ltd. chose SEER's 3PL industry intelligent logistics upgrade solution, through SEER Laser SLAM Small Stacker Smart Forklift SFL-CDD14 to complete the warehouse cargo turnover transportation and vertical storage connection, RDS unified resource scheduling system for coordinating AMR traffic control and task The RDS Unified Resource Dispatching System is used to coordinate AMR traffic control and task receiving and dispatching, and in the task management interface, users can observe the execution status or exceptions at any time, and grasp the business progress.

The SFL-CDD14 used by Sinotrans Logistics Ningbo is an AMR specially designed by SEER for narrow aisles. It can be used for handling, stacking and palletizing, and with its slim body and small turning radius, it can still travel freely in some narrow aisles of the warehouse center, and it is not afraid of the demanding transportation environment on site.

The overall operation of AMR and dispatching system not only reduces the burden of manual work, but also significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of order execution in Sinotrans Logistics Ningbo Co.

At present, SEER has successfully empowered 3PL, electrical manufacturing, 3C electronics, textile, auto parts, semiconductor and many other industries, helping to upgrade the industry's intelligent logistics. In the future, SEER will work together with more industry integrators to deepen the targeted intelligent logistics solutions for various industries and open up the "last meter" for various industries.

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