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Data Visualization System
SEER has a variety of powerful systems, such as MWMS, RDS, RoboView,which can improve the intelligence, unmanned and information level of the factory from multi-dimension, and these products will produce a large number of high-value data in actual operation. Meta-V introduces the concept of digital twin, creates a one-to-one virtual space, shows the changes of data information through three-dimensional space, makes the data information display more intuitive and three-dimensional, and creates a truly digital intelligent factory.
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    Visualization、Simulation and Monitoring
    Gain analytical visibility with immersive visualizations and gain decision support throughout design, construction, and operations.
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    Rich product form
    Visual products 2D, 2.5D, 3D full coverage.
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    Accurate modeling
    one-to-one restoration of the customer's on-site environment
    Collect data for the customer's on-site landmark building equipment, restore the model, color and material to create an immersive digital space.
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    Gameplay interactive experience
    Support keyboard and mouse、handle、VR and other multi-interactive mode, the virtual world is under control.
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    Fine movement, quick response
    Use the data dynamic difference algorithm to dynamically increase the action details and display the action details at a high frame rate.
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    Excellent performance
    Development based on the game engine, has the movie-level picture quality at the same time has the better data response ability.
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