Mobile Robot Controllers
SRC series controllers are universal controllers designed for mobile robot (AMR,Smart Forklift, etc) applications providing mobile robots with core functions such as map construction, positioning and navigation, and model editing. The product integrates the core components of mobile robots and works with our powerful client software (Roboshop Pro) to help users quickly develop robots. The SRC can also evolve into a controller for smart factory infrastructures such as automatic charging stations, automatic doors, elevators, traffic lights, and more. By providing a unified scheduling interface framework, the SRC promotes the intelligent transformation and automation of factories.
  • Standardize software and hardware
  • Strong adaptability
  • Rich functions
  • Support rich chassismodel library
Standardize software and hardware
SRC controller combined with the unified AMR OS (Robokit)and one-stop implementation software (RoboshopPro), provide customers with solutions for building different types of AMR based on the same controller with the lowest learning cost.
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