M4 Smart Logistics Management System
The smart brain of 'automated' logistics, makes warehousing and logistics more reliable, more efficient, more intelligent.

M4 is an intelligent logistics management system that integrates fleet management system (FMS/RCS), logistics control system (WCS), warehouse management system (WMS), and multiple solutions. The system supports robot management, waybill allocation, route planning, automation equipment management, inbound and outbound management, inventory management, etc., which can help enterprises efficiently manage robot-centered automated warehousing and logistics, and truly realize the upgrade of automated logistics.

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M4 All-in-One

Effortlessly Master Multi-Vehicle Scenarios

Multi-brand, multi-model, multi-container, multi-business, multi-region, integrated management.

Multi-dimensional waybill allocation mechanism reduces reduces robot no-load operation, ensuring maximum productivity.

Business process visualization, more flexible in various business scenarios.

Mobile phones, industrial control computers can operate directly, and the use scenario is no longer limited.

Why do customers choose M4?

Rich Process Templates to Choose

Rich system options cover various business operations such as inventory management, inbound and outbound, container binding, and in-warehouse operations. Users can customize business process templates easily, such as raw material inbound, finished product inbound, etc. More easier, more efficient, and out-of-the-box.

Customized Interface Configuration

90% of the fields and function buttons can be configured as needed, such as the header and row. Collect more data to get more comprehensive decision-making basis and business insight.

Efficient Business Flow Configurations

Users can through simple drag-and-drop operations to realize complex business flow configurations. And through point-to-point handling, realize loop/parallel processing, multi-point material handling, multi-robot collaboration, system interaction and device control, etc.

More Terminals can be Used

Support the use of multiple terminals, like mobile phone, tablet, and industrial control computer, etc. Users can orchestrate tasks on mobile devices to make the office scene more flexible.

Seamless Automation Integration

Support the scheduling of multiple robots of the same or different brands and support multiple types of devices, like packaging machine, barcode scanner, stacker crane, four-way shuttle, RGV, robotic arm, etc.

More Flexible Customization Capability

Open to customize development based on standard products, and support customized development based on Web API, JavaScript, Python, Golang, etc.


User-friendly Products for More Reliable On-site Operations

Users can choose automatic or manual operation modes according to business peaks to avoid disruption of business due to device failure and increased demand during peak periods. And learn about the dynamics of business operations through the real-time monitor and user operation logs. Once the fault is detected, the system will notify the user to take over early via push, sound and light to safeguard the safety of people and materials in the field.


Integration of Warehouse and Distribution for More Efficient Operations

M4 can unified manage the full process from raw material inbound, production transport, finished products, to picking and outbound. It makes robots work with automation devices seamlessly, maximizing the efficiency of on-site transport, and optimizing storage strategy based on the coordinated storage bin resources. M4 also can track the whole life cycle of raw materials and dynamically get warehouse data. It reduces the dependence of warehouse and distribution on people and accelerates the efficiency of business collaboration in warehousing and logistics, truly realizing intelligent integration.


Customization According to Industry for Smarter Business Management

M4 focuses on more business scenarios, such as various material management (raw materials, semi-finished products, outsourcing, finished products, tools, etc.), multi-dimensional inventory management (model, batch standard, batch, item number, associated WO, process number, etc.), overall management of multiple areas (central warehouse, line-side warehouse, temporary storage warehouse, production line, workstation, etc.). Complement the lack of traditional MWS in application scenarios, and complete the on-site automated workflow, allowing users can quickly configure the system according to their business needs without further operations.

We help 20+ industries upgrade their automatedlogistics with high efficiency and high ROI.

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