Bucking the downward trend! SEER is working to further develop its product portfolio strategy for integrators
A close partner of intelligent manufacturing integrators, SEER provides product portfolio with AMR controllers and digital software as core competence.
Meet SEER in Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
SEER show in Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition. Welcome to see our new smart robot. Visit SEER : 2-C36
Meet SEER in LogiMAT Stuttgart, Germany
SEER first show in LogiMAT Stuttgart, Germany. Welcome to see our new smart forklift with CE Certification and Jack-up handling mobile robot.
Technology Column of SEER Intelligent Identification Column Shape Identification
The shelf cannot always be fixed at a position. When the AGV needs to perform some operations such as pulling or lifting the shelf, it needs to know the location of the shelf accurately. At this time, the AGV's own positioning on the map is accurate, but the location of the shelf is unknown on the map, so we need to identify the shelf to determine the location of the shelf. And some scenes require that the shelf legs cannot be modified (such as pasting reflective film, etc.). At this time, it is necessary to identify the shape of the shelf legs. 
What Does the Industry Do to Make the Perfect Compound Mobile Robot?
The composite mobile robot similar to the "human" is the key equipment to complete various complex operations and enable the links in the factory to be integrated. But the composite mobile robot industry still faces application problems such as diversified businesses, complex scenarios, multiple systems, and long project cycles. However, endless emerging products can't solve the above problems. The industry is in the dilemma that new problems continue to appear and old problems have not been solved yet.
SEER Intelligent Builds Non-standard Solutions with Standardized Products, Promotes the Rapid Implementation of Projects, and Realizes the Advancement of Intelligent Manufacturing!
Technical Skills | Identification Column of SEER Intelligent: QR Code Navigation
SEER Intelligent's AGV supports multiple navigation methods, and QR code navigation is one of them. In a narrow, open, or environment with severe changes, accurate and stable positioning and navigation can be achieved by pasting the QR code for navigation and the PGV reader installed under the AGV body. PGV: Position Guided Vision, which can be used to support QR code navigation or ribbon navigation.
Technical Skills | Identification Column of SEER Intelligent: Pedestrian Follow
In some scenes of human-machine mixed work, an AGV that can automatically follow people is needed. When people stop to select products, the AGV can also automatically stop to pick up the goods, which is convenient for handling and fast picking and releasing goods, which can free up manpower!
Real Stuff | Identification Column of SEER Intelligent: Identification of Pallet Identification
In factory warehouses, the use of automatic forklifts for cargo handling is a very common application scenario. Usually, cargo needs to be handled and transported with the help of pallets. At the same time, most factory environments cannot set mechanical limits to ensure the consistency of pallet placement. Therefore, AMR needs to detect the accurate position of the tray with visual aid when it carries out the tray forking and accurately forks the pallet through AMR position adjustment.
Real Stuff | Identification Column of SEER Intelligent: Identification of Material Shelf
Why do we need to identify the shelf? Because the material shelf is not always fixed in a certain position. AMR performs operations such as pulling or jacking up the shelf, which requires precise positions of the shelf. The map can accurately locate the AMR, but cannot locate the position of the shelf, so the operation of shelf identification is required to determine the position of the shelf.
Useful Knowledge! RoboView Technology Articles 3D Vision
It is strongly advisable to collect this meaningful article about the in-depth introduction to Vision AI written by BU! From unlocking mobile phones, payment, and consumption to production applications in factories, the 3D vision has penetrated into every aspect of life. So what exactly is the 3D vision? What role does it play in the vision AI solution of SEER Intelligent?
How Powerful is SRC-3000FS How Does It Build a Safe AMR
There will be the latest technical information and comprehensive explanations. Regarding the overall solution, difficulties, and questions of four major BUs of SEER Intelligent, we will solve them all!We will introduce the new blockbuster, SRC-3000FS in three articles! As the first issue of the article, we will explore how to build a safe AMR controller based on the safety functions of SRC-3000FS!
More Than AMR! The New Arrival SRC-800 Comes into View!
In factory production, the connection of multiple systems and the control of multiple controllers make the already complex production environment more complicated. The infrastructure and mobile robots that are separated from the unified scheduling will cause the factory to invest more in manpower, financial resources, and material resources while lowering the expectations for intelligent transformation.
Do You Want to Do AMR Safety Certification for the Whole Machine? SRC3000FS is Essential!
What else is powerful about the new SEER controller - the SRC 3000FS Safety AMR controller? For robots connecting with humans closely, it is especially important to ensure their safety. SRC-3000FS introduces safety methods and measures into products in the design process and undergoes rigorous verification tests to produce high-quality products.
RoboView | VisualVisual AI Solutions
The RoboView VisualAI solution utilizes advanced backend machine vision algorithms (RoboView Server) and an intuitive and easy-to-use frontend interface (RoboView GUI) to provide clients with Visual AI in production, safety, management, and other application scenarios. The solution covers the entire process of preliminary research, mid-term R&D, deployment, and later product maintenance and upgrades to help enhance production efficiency and accelerate intelligent transformation.
Seer Intelligent attended the Shengze International Textile Exhibition, empowering the textile industry with one-stop smart logistics solutions
Suzhou Shengze Town is "the world's first silk town", where tens of thousands of textile trading companies are gathered here, and it is a textile industry base and trade market with a level of 100 billion. On October 20, 2021, a three-day exhibition will be held in Shengze, Suzhou, to provide a platform for the textile industry to upgrade manufacturing technology and future textile development technology.
Seer Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization
SEER’s proprietary SEED product series includes a unified resource dispatch system (RDS), integrated warehousing logistics management system (WMS), and a data visualization system. SEED provides enterprises with warehouse operations management, and data visualization solutions across a wide range of automated.
Get SEER Seen at ROBOTWORLD in Seoul, South Korea - 2
SEER Has All the Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions Which You want
Comprehensive coverage of Latent Jacking Robots, Picking Robots, Automatic Forklifts, Composite Robots, Roller Robots, Shuttle Picking Robots, and more.
SRC Series Core Controllers | Super High-Speed AI Engine
SRC Series Core Controllers are universal controllers designed for mobile robot (AGV, AMR, Automatic Forklift, etc ) applications providing mobile robots with core functions such as mapping, positioning and navigation, and model editing.
SEER | A Breakthrough Solution for Smart Logistics in the Food and Packaging Industry
2021 Shanghai International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition Joint Exhibitionis composed of FoodPack China 2021 and ProPak China 2021 and was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from June 23rd to 25th, 2021.
SNEC PV POWER EXPO | SEER Smart Logistics Solutions for PV Industry
Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation (SEER) was invited to attend the SNEC PV POWER EXPO to empower the photovoltaic industry with intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics.
SEER Strategic Cooperation with Hilti, a Giant in Power Tool Industry
On May 24th, 2021, SEER Strategic Cooperation with Hilti, a Giant in Power Tool Industry. Hilti is a power tool manufacturer integrating R&D, design and production, committed to providing advanced tools, technology, software and services to the global construction industry. It is headquartered in Liechtenstein, Germany. Many innovative projects are presented by this world-renowned multinational company.
SEER Will Show You How to Use Vision Technology to Unlock a New Collaborative Model of Auto Factory
With the continuous upgrading and implementation of smart manufacturing, more and more attention has been paid to smart handling and smart logistics in factories. The introduction of AI technology into various scenarios in factories where robots and AMR are deployed has gradually become a new trend. At this stage, how to deploy vision technology into applications more conveniently, practically, safely and stably will become the key point of combining AI with robot applications.