Automatic Forklifts

Laser SLAM automatic forklifts based on SEER' SRC series core controller have various models: SRC-powered Laser SLAM stacker automatic forklift,SRC-powered laser SLAM transfer automatic forklift,SRC-powered Laser SLAM counter balanced stacking automatic forklift, etc., meeting the handling needs of different application scenarios in the industrial field. The SRC-powered laser SLAM automatic forklifts come equipped with an internal SRC core controller along with 360° safety to meet the requirements of loading and unloading, sorting, moving, high-elevation shelf stacking, material cage stacking, and pallet stacking application scenarios. This series of robots features a wide range of models, a large variety of loads, and supports customization to provide powerful solutions for the moving of pallets, material cages, and racks.

SEER Advantages
Core Control | True Integration
Core Control | True Integration
SEER’s proprietary core controller provides enterprises with factory-wide smart logistics solutions that realize true integration rather than the subcontracting typical of other industry solutions.
Large Robot Library | Full Coverage + Zero  Development Costs
Large Robot Library | Full Coverage + Zero Development Costs
Built-in SEER controllers empower a large library of robots with convenient dispatch functionality to realize full coverage of requirements. Zero-cost upper-layer system development meets project upgrade requirements, realizes true integration, greatly shortens the delivery cycle, and saves on both time and capital investment.
Various Application Scenario Experience |  800+ Projects
Various Application Scenario Experience | 800+ Projects
Adhering to its mission of “Standardized Products, Customized Applications”, SEER provides one-stop solutions to continuously empower 300+ end customers, 200+ integrators, and 300+ robot manufacturers in sectors such as computers, communications, and consumer electronics; semiconductors; lithium batteries; automobiles; pharmaceuticals; and FMCG across 5,000 application scenarios.
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