SEED WMSConverged Warehouse and Logistics Management System

SEED KHS is an ALL-IN-ONE toolkit for applications of AGVs/AMRs. In an application(scene), more than one area, robot model, devices or task routes could be configured in batch and run together at runtime. The visual editor supports many scene elements, such as robot models, robots, task routes, gates, lifts, traffic lights.

Example of SEED WMS interface


Multiple operation modes

Different inbound and outbound processes can be set for different product industries so that it can improve warehouse operation efficiency and simplify the operation process through the process setting.

Multiple tasks intelligent

Through strategy setting, different warehousing strategies can be set for different products, adapt to different industry business rules, form a strategy database and algorithm and reduce the difficulty of product implementation.

Multiple product management

It can correspond to the management needs of different product industries, such as (batch, shelf life, production date, etc.) through the product management attribute setting.

Multiple modern logistics technologies

It can support barcode, handheld, RFID, automatic warehouse, sorter, and other logistics equipment to form its own interface library.

The process engine is used to set the job nodes of these hardware in the process to adapt to the process completion.

Multiple data exchange modes

Through webapi, grpc, database, EDI, xml, xls, etc., it can seamlessly connect with the three-party system to realize data transmission and exchange and adapt to various customer IT scenarios.

Custom data visualization

The 3D visualization of the warehouse is implemented to display the materials and equipment in the warehouse, as well as the status and operation trajectory of people.

The document process is visualized and the receipt and receipt of documents and progress are displayed in real time.

The work efficiency of the personnel is visualized and the operation status of the operator on the day and every hour is displayed in real time.

Custom report engine

Through business logic selection, users can customize the required reports and presentation methods.

Message service

Set message business and trigger conditions, promote the intelligent warehouse management through email, WeChat, and SMS, process warehouse business and report warehouse operation in time.

Data prediction mechanism

It can predict the subsequent warehouse management direction and measures through the business data and the chain ratio and initial setting value.

SEED WMS library at a glance interface



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