● Standard ○ Adaptation - None
Product model
Technical parameters
Product nameLaser SLAM ground smart forklift
Dynamic formElectric
Driving modeAutomatic navigation
Navigation typeLaser SLAM
Tray type3-stringer pallet
Rated load capacity800kg
Load centre distance600mm
Dead weight (with battery)210kg
Navigation angle accuracy ±10mm
Fork in-position accuracy ±0.5°
Fork in-position accuracy /
Standard lifting height70mm
Gantry height /
Fork surface ground clearance (at the lowest position)106±5mm
Navigation laser scanning height1865mm
Vehicle size: length * width * height1515*885*1885mm
Fork size: length * width * height1154*186*60mm
Fork outer width570/680mm
Right-angle stacking channel width, pallet 1000×1200 (1200 placed across forks)1989mm
Right-angle stacking channel width, pallet 800×1200 (1200 placed along the fork)1900mm
Map area (Single)≤ 400000m²
Minimum turning radius1035mm
Performance parameters
Driving speed: full load/no load0.6/0.8m/s
Lifting speed: full load/no load/
Descent speed: full load/no load/
Passability (slope/step/gap)< 5%/5mm/10mm
Drive motor power (S2, 60 min)0.6kW
Lifting motor power (S3, 15%)0.8kW
Steering motor power (S2, 10 min)/
Service braking modeElectromagnetic brake
Drive control modeServo control
Wheel parameters
Tire type: drive wheel/support wheelPolyurethane/Polyurethane
Tire size: driving wheel100mm
Tire size: bearing wheel80mm
Tire size: Balance wheel/
Wheel number: driving wheel (×= driving wheel)/ bearing wheel/
Wheel base: bearing side615mm
Wheel base: driving side400mm
Battery parameters
Battery specifications48V/35Ah(Ternary lithium)
Battery weight15kg
Comprehensive battery life8h
Charging time (10%-80%)2h
Charging methodManual/Automatic
Battery cycle number> 500
ISO 3691-4-
Function configurations
Wi-Fi roaming function
3D obstacle avoidance
Remote emergency stop
Pallet recognition
Cage stackx
High shelf pallet recognitionx
Pallet damage detection
Pallet stacking and unstackingx
The HMI screenx
Fork tooth distance sensor
Cargo weight detection
Safety configurations
E-stop button
Sound and light indicator
Braking distance: 1m/s / 1.5m/s≤30 / ≤50cm
Vehicle hardware fault detection
360° laser protectionx
Bumper strip
High safety protection of fork teethx
Network4G / 5G / Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Ground flatness±5mm/m²
Scenario requirementsOnly suitable for indoor, light intensity ≤40 klx (IEC 61496-3), ground without water and oil and other scenes
Scenario requirementsTEMP: 0-50 / RH: 10-90, no compression, no condensation
IP ratingIP20
Noise near driver's ear according to EN12053≤70dB(A)