● Standard ○ Optional - None
Product model
Technical parameters
Product nameLaser SLAM ground smart forklift
Dynamic formElectric
Driving modeAutomatic navigation
Navigation typeLaser SLAM
Tray type3-stringer pallet
Rated load capacity800kg
Load centre distance600mm
Dead weight (with battery)210kg
Navigation angle accuracy ±10mm
Fork in-position accuracy ±0.5°
Fork in-position accuracy /
Standard lifting height70mm
Gantry height /
Fork surface ground clearance (at the lowest position)106±5mm
Navigation laser scanning height1865mm
Vehicle size: length * width * height1515*885*1885mm
Fork size: length * width * height1150*186*60mm
Fork outer width570/680mm
Right-angle stacking channel width, pallet 1000×1200 (1200 placed across forks)1989mm
Right-angle stacking channel width, pallet 800×1200 (1200 placed along the fork)1926mm
Map area (Single)≤ 400000m²
Minimum turning radius1035mm
Performance parameters
Driving speed: full load/no load0.6m/0.8s
Lifting speed: full load/no load/
Descent speed: full load/no load/
Passability (slope/step/gap)< 5%/5mm/10mm
Drive motor power (S2, 60 min)0.6*2kW
Lifting motor power (S3, 15%)0.8kW
Steering motor power (S2, 10 min)/
Service braking modeElectromagnetic brake
Drive control modeServo control
Wheel parameters
Tire type: drive wheel/support wheelPolyurethane/Polyurethane
Tire size: driving wheel100mm
Tire size: bearing wheel80mm
Tire size: Balance wheel/
Wheel number: driving wheel (×= driving wheel)/ bearing wheel/
Wheel base: bearing side615mm
Wheel base: driving side400mm
Battery parameters
Battery specifications48V/30Ah(Lithium iron phosphate)
Battery weight15kg
Comprehensive battery life8h
Charging time (10%-80%)2h
Charging methodManual/Automatic
Battery cycle number> 500
ISO 3691-4-
Function configurations
Wi-Fi roaming function
3D obstacle avoidance
Remote emergency stop
Pallet recognition
Cage stack-
High shelf pallet recognition-
Pallet damage detection-
Pallet stacking and unstacking-
The HMI screen-
Fork tooth distance sensor
Cargo weight detection
Safety configurations
E-stop button
Sound and light indicator
Braking distance: 1m/s / 1.5m/s≤30 / ≤50cm
Vehicle hardware fault detection
360° laser protection-
Bumper strip
High safety protection of fork teeth-
Network4G / 5G / Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Ground flatness±5mm/m²
Scenario requirementsOnly suitable for indoor, light intensity ≤40 klx (IEC 61496-3), ground without water and oil and other scenes
Scenario requirementsTEMP: 0-50 / RH: 10-90, no compression, no condensation
IP ratingIP20
Noise near driver's ear according to EN12053≤70dB(A)