Based on the highly integrated SRC controller, SEER has created a variety of mobile robots, including jacking robots, smart forklifts, picking robots, etc., and is constantly enriching robot categories to provide customers with more standard vehicles, more multi-scene mobile robots. All mobile robots have a unified interface, and with the SEER digital system, they can provide customers with complete handling and distribution solutions.
The Jack-up Handling Robots is equipped with the SRC series core controller and has an ultra-low chassis. It can drill into the rack for jacking and handling, with a maximum load of 800kg; the repeatability is as high as ± 5mm; Wi-Fi roaming is supported to achieve more robustness network data interaction; trackless laser SLAM navigation, with multi-sensors such as 3D obstacle avoidance cameras for safety protection; jacking robots can realize flexible handling of goods between designated locations, such as e-commerce sorting, material transfer, call feeding, etc. link, liberate manpower and realize unmanned transportation.
The Smart Forklifts series products are equipped with SRC core controller, use laser SLAM navigation, no reflector, and the whole vehicle is equipped with 360 ° safety protection, which can meet the requirements of loading and unloading, sorting, handling, high shelf stacking, cage stacking, pallet stacking This series of products has rich models and a wide range of loads, providing powerful solutions for the handling of pallets, cages and racks.
The Multi-layer Intelligent Picking Robots is equipped with SRC series core controller and adopts laser SLAM navigation; based on visual AI, it realizes precise picking and placement of materials; super-humanized design, flexibly matches various working heights, creating a comfortable working experience; super flexible docking, including Operating platforms such as rollers, shelves, lurking AGVs, and manual workstations are the best partners of the factory's line side warehouses, enabling intelligent manufacturing.
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