Case Studies
    3CLighthouse factory upgrade again! SEER helps intelligent flow of 3C electronic manufacturing production line
    One fortune 500 company in France. Pro-face is one of the 90 "lighthouse factories" in the world. Due to the large production workshop area and scattered production vehicles, and because the cooperation of various production lines and handling is carried out in the form of manpower + magnetic stripe carts, coupled with the system of working on two sides and difficult-to-handle materials, many companies face high labor costs and low handling efficiency. As the industry-leading lighthouse factory, it is looking for a smarter and more flexible circulation form of the production line.
    3CSEER+ gathers intelligent manufacturing to create a digital exhibition hall of Siemens
    SEER and Jicui Intelligent Manufacturing have joined forces to create the Siemens Industrial Innovation Center exhibition hall, which is used to display siemens intelligent audio, driving recorders and other products.
    3CSFL-CDD14 for VNA! Dedicated to improving productivity in industrial equipment manufacturing
    The customer coming on the scene is mainly engaged in the production, manufacturing, research, development and application of high-voltage variable-frequency drives, with a plant area of over 5,500 square meters and a footprint of about 15,000 square meters. Owning strong technical force, the customer is committed to providing high-quality high voltage variable frequency drives, and delivering varied applications as well as comprehensive & complete services.
    3CSEER Logistics Solution for 3C Manufacturing Workshop
    After a detailed comparison of the mobile robot navigation method, robot performance and the whole solution through various inspections, a SEER integraend-to-end industrial logistics solutionstor finally won the bid for the internal logistics automation transformation project of the factory floor. The successful implementation of this project not only realizes the automation and intelligence of the workshop logistics, but also greatly reduces the personnel input and saves a lot of labor costs for the enterprise.
    TextileSEER injects new vigor to Weiyi Holding in traditional textile industry
    After making a general survey on the domestic textile industry, we can find such problems as universally bad working environment and high labor intensity of workers even if the industry has a huge development prospect. As a result, the enterprise is faced with difficult personnel recruitment, high staff mobility, high cost and low efficiency. The textile enterprises are badly in need of intelligent transformation, so as to save the costs and improve the production capacity. However, due to the complex scenario, it is difficult for a company with smart logistics to solve the transformation problem for them in the original plant environment.
    Electric vehicle manufacturingSEER empowers Luyuan electric vehicles to build the country's largest electric vehicle assembly workshop
    Luyuan Zhejiang's vehicle manufacturing base covers an area of 53,000 square meters. The distribution of parts and components is naturally scattered. It needs intelligent logistics to help this country's largest electric vehicle assembly workshop sprint to the goal of producing 10,000 units per day!
    ToolmakingWhat has SEER Intelligent done to rise Hilti’s inbound & outbound efficiency by 200%?
    The customer coming on the scene is Hilti (Shanghai), a branch company specializes in the manufacture of light power tools, as well as the production of wired and rechargeable electric hammer drills, wired and rechargeable screwdrivers, rechargeable electric saws and grinders, etc. Enriched lines of products make the company face complicated and diverse transportation problems of raw materials and finished products. Inefficient and complicated transportation is in urgent need of a transformation into smart logistics.
    Robot manufacturingSEER Intelligent helps Qianjiang Robot move the intelligent factory into an exhibition hall!
    Zhejiang Qianjiang Robot Co., Ltd is a subsidiary owned by Zhejiang AISHIDA Electric Co., Ltd, and is a high-tech robot enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies.
    Consumables industryWhat to do about smart logistics in the consumables industry, SEER gives the answer!
    The case customers in this issue are the head enterprises in the large consumables industry, the products sell well in many countries and regions such as mainland China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and the production line in short supply is challenging the efficiency of traditional manual transportation, and it is a major demand for traditional enterprises to intelligent and digital transformation.
    Electronic communicationsSEER delivers an one-stop solution for AS/RS in electronic industry
    The customer coming on the scene is a core supplier in the field of private-network wireless communication in China. With the state-level Enterprise Technology Center and Industrial Design Center, our customer is well-known as a National High-tech Enterprise, a National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, and a large-scale comprehensive electronic backbone enterprise having a history of 80+ years.
    Component processing industrySEER Logistics Solution for Pneumatic Component Processing Workshop
    With the comprehensive advancement of a new round of technological revolution, in the global manufacturing system, production automation and the realization of intelligent internal logistics have become one of the most concerned topics for many manufacturers. At the same time, it is also an important issue that needs to be resolved in each plant workshop. Especially for some powerful large-scale enterprise workshops, as production automation matures gradually, the solution of internal logistics automation and intelligent will become the next threshold for building smart factories, which is of great significance for achieving efficient and lean production.
    Auto partsSEER Intelligent Logistics Solution for Automotive Electronics Processing Workshop
    At present, my country is in an important stage of transforming from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. In the production workshops of most small and medium-sized enterprises, the level of production automation in some links has gradually matured, but in terms of workshop logistics and transportation, it is still mainly solved by manpower. With the continuous increase of labor costs and the serious shortage of young and middle-aged labor in the manufacturing industry, the use of robots to replace people to solve logistics and transportation has become an important way for enterprises to improve their production efficiency.
    Auto partsSEER Logistics Solution for Automotive Parts Processing Workshop
    In the global manufacturing system, the automobile industry has experienced more than 100 years of development, and the level of production automation has gradually matured. However, in the production and processing workshop, the level of internal logistics automation is still relatively low, which is not conducive to adapting to the current production needs of flexible manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. With the technological innovation of mobile robots, the emergence of laser natural contour navigation mobile robots has brought new solutions to the realization of intelligent logistics in automobile processing and auto parts production workshops, and has played a significant role in realizing flexible manufacturing and improving production capacity.